Sailor’s Essentials and the Spirit of Romantic New England Living

I have known about Kiel James Patrick‘s company for several years now, and have always been a fan of his creative approach to apparel and accessories.  If you want to explore the ideas of enjoying the romantic spirit of New England living, this is the company you had better start paying attention to.

KJP 125

Inspired by the rugged charm of New England, Kiel James Patrick takes pride in creating timeless American-made fashion and accessories. Each product has a story, a season, and a rich heritage in American craftsmanship. Through vibrant, idyllic lifestyle imagery, the Kiel James Patrick brand awakens memories of carefree days by the coast wearing sea-shrunken rope bracelets, crisp fall nights around a bonfire layered in plaid shirts and sweaters, celebrating holiday traditions in bow-ties and pearls, and seaside jaunts in boat shoes on the first warm day of spring.

KJP Sailor Knot.jpg

Below are a couple of my favorite pieces that I wanted to share with you.  As every sailor knows…the difference is in the details after we finish the regatta and head back to the club to celebrate.

The Nantucket Lifeguard

KJP Nantucket Lifeguard.jpg

The Ocean Aged Whiskey

KJP Ocean Aged Whiskey

Each piece is proudly manufactured in the USA and will likely leave an indelible impression upon those whom encounter these items at their next trip to the yacht club.


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