Your home is where your art is…

Your home is where your art is… is a phrase that was recently shared with me by my great friend Tricia yesterday, and I could not agree more with her statement.   The picture above was made by one of my favorite artists, William McGregor Paxton, and I still remember the day I first experienced his work at The Cooley Gallery.

For many of us, we never forget our childhood memories of discovery, and for me this was a short walking distance down from our schools in Old Lyme, CT, that has never left my mind.  Below is a short bio on Paxton courtesy of Wikipedia:

William McGregor Paxton (June 22, 1869 – 1941) was an American painter and instructor who embraced the Boston School paradigm and was a co-founder of The Guild of Boston Artists. He taught briefly while a student at Cowles Art School, where he met his wife Elizabeth Okie Paxton, and at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston. Paxton is known for his portraits, including those of two presidents—Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge—and interior scenes with women, including his wife. His works are in many museums in the United States.

Cooley Building

If you find yourself in Old Lyme, or otherwise in the market for fine American art, be sure to stop by The Cooley Gallery.  Their current exhibition includes: Friends in the Fields as well as Summer Gardens.  I included a picture below of one of my favorite pieces from their present collection.  Details on their inventory and pieces are available on their website.


I will be sharing more details on my friend Tricia’s collection of fine antiques shortly, so stay in touch.


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