Briefcases, Backpacks, and Duffles befitting a Gentleman

I first came across Lotuff shortly after the time that I discovered Kiel James Patrick.  In fact I think it was one of Kiel’s posts on Twitter or Facebook that drew my attention to this workshop in Providence, Rhode Island.

What really struck me about Lotuff was their uncompromising attention to the quality and detail of every single piece that they produced.  So sincere is their commitment to their craftsmanship that they guarantee every Lotuff Leather product against material and workmanship defect for the life of the registered user.

I have been through my fair share of briefcases following law school, backpacks during my undergraduate years, and several duffles during vacations and racing sailboats around the country, but I have never encountered products as timeless and as elegant as these in a very long time.  That being said I will share with you some of my favorite items from Lotuff’s recent offerings and let you decide if you will be willing to make the investment in a product that will last your lifetime.  I should have made the investment myself…

The Bridle Lock Briefcase


The Bridle Lock Briefcase boasts a solid brass Italian lock and key mechanism with a polished edge construction.


Dimensions of the bag are: a height of 12 inches, a width of 17 inches, and a depth of 4 inches.  The interior has a zippered pocked and full width front and back pockets.  Included is a 1 inch wide shoulder strap with a slightly wider shoulder pad.  Inside the case is an organizer panel for pens, business cards, and a smart phone.

Each piece is made from hand selected vegetable tanned bridle leather with monogramming available upon request.

The Leather Backpack

So you have grown up after your days of finishing your undergraduate education and find yourself looking for something with a little more finesse but still appreciate the convenience and mobility of a backpack, then it is time you seriously considered the Leather Backpack from Lotuff.


Esquire Magazine called this piece a backpack for grown men.  I call the Leather Backpack a piece for discerning mobile professionals.  In either case the craftsmanship of Lotuff shines through on this piece and it shall serve as a gold standard of ‘mature’ backpacks for years to come.


The craftsmanship and detail on the backside of this case is extraordinary.  Every single stitch is placed with precision and the symmetry of construction is a testament to the exacting standards of the workshop in executing each and every piece for their clientele.  Take a look at the finishing touches…the zippers, the clasps, the shoulder assembly, and you will understand not only why this backpack will last you a lifetime, but how someday you may pass the item down to your child.

The backpack has double gusset construction that gives extra space for travel, and a middle interior zipper compartment which contains pockets for business cards and a cell phone.


Dimensions of the backpack are: a height of 18 inches, a width of 14 inches, and a depth of 4 inches.  Each piece is constructed from hand selected vegetable tanned leather.  Interior double gusset construction includes three vertical interior compartments, with a 6 inch top zipper pocket for your passport, keys or smartphone storage.  There is also an exterior zipper pocket on the back of the piece for the storage of your laptop, table, or other valuables.

The Bridle Leather Duffle Travel Bag

The Bridle Leather Duffle Travel Bag is a timeless piece that evokes a period of a time when travel was a luxury and today when escaping our hectic workday is a necessity.  I could just imagine packing up my belongings for a weekend trip to Nantucket or Nappa Valley and tossing this bag into the back of my car for the ferry ride or flight off to a place of peace and relaxation with family and friends.  The difference here is in the details, and anyone with a trained eye toward quality craftsmanship and timeless elegance will certainly take notice of your choice.


Gear Patrol called this “One of the best men’s duffle and weekender bags” and I could not agree more.  In fact, if you are a light packer, you can probably extend you stay longer than a couple of days at whatever destination you decide to visit.


Every single detail on this piece is precise and executed with meticulous care.  I just wish I had something as such at my disposal so many years ago when I started making trips locally and abroad to satisfy my wanderlust.  The scuff marks and scratches along the way would surely lead to a story to two to share among friends whom ask where I found such a fine piece of travel equipment.

The dimensions of the piece are: a height of 11 inches, a width of 2o inches, and a depth of 10 inches.  The product is constructed from Lotuff’s hand selected vegetable tanned bridle leather, and features an extended zipper for wide opening and easy access to your stored items.  Solid brass YKK Excell zipper and solid brass hardware complement the piece with an unlined natural suede interior compartment.  The bottom of the duffle boasts a double layer leather bottom without metal fixtures that would normally scratch or scuff fine finishes or flooring.  There is also a detachable shoulder strap to ease the burden when you have packed a little too much for that weekend retreat.

For additional information on these pieces be sure to visit Lotuff




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