The Hinckley DS42 – Looking forward to the past

The Hinckley DS42 is a boat that looks forward to the past.  I have grown up sailing my entire life and there are very few boats moored or berthed at the yacht club that can turn my eye these days but this is one of them.  There is something to be said about the classicism of her design and simplicity of function that makes an encounter with this boat truly exceptional.


Perhaps it is the lines of her hull, or the shimmering depth of color in her hull, whatever it is from a design and construction aspect this is a boat that will do nothing more but age with grace.


The company turned to Bruce King for the design of the DS42, and as evidenced from the production of his masterpiece, she will always bring a smile to those at shore when returning to harbor.


I look forward to the day I find myself behind the helm of my own DS42 and I am sure you will enjoy the moment as well.

The Hinckley DS42 Specifications:

L O A 42’ 3”
L W L 29’ 3”
BEAM 10’ 6”
Standard Keel 6’10”
DRAFT Keel up 4’ 0”,
Keel down 7’ 3”
DISPLACEMENT 14,700 lbs.
BALLAST 4800 lbs. lead bulb
ENGINE Yanmar 3YM30- 27hp diesel with saildrive
FUEL CAPACITY 25 gallons
SAIL AREA 730 sq .ft.
CONSTRUCTION DualGuard® SCRIMP® Carbon E-glass composite hull with vinylester resin. E-glass deck

Contact Hinckley directly for additional information on the DS42.


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  1. I can tell my looking through your blog is trouble….I think I am finally going to get some sail time this summer and maybe sometime soon take a class! This boat is beautiful. I was a carpenter in college and sailboat workmanship can be inspirational.

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