Soundview Millworks

As many of you may know, second to my passion for sailing is cooking with my family and friends.  While not many pay attention to the quality and craftsmanship of their cutting boards, I would like to draw your attention to Soundview Millworks.  They are the producers of fine and custom wood products for land and sea and some of my favorite pieces from their present collection are listed below.  But first…a little about Grant and the history of his company…


Based in Darien CT since 2008, Soundview Millworks has long been making great maple and mahogany steak boards, appetizer boards, serving boards and cutting boards and accessories for the lifestyles we love. Whether ocean, links, field or stream we’ve got your hobby covered with our handles and personalization. Their signature mahogany and maple maple and mahogany cutting boards are the perfect platform to customize for unique gifts, so pick your handle, pick your engraving, and get on board.


The simple act of anchoring a cleat onto the cutting board provides the perfect point of leverage when serving a meal, and the decorative reminder that this person appreciates the sea.  These boards serve well as workhorses in the kitchen as well as fine examples as gifts to your family and friends.


The picture above is one of my favorite pieces – The Nautical Cleat Steak Board.  This is a must for every mariner’s home.  The boards feature two stainless steel cleats, a 3/4″ inch juice groove, and their signature maple and mahogany design.

Owner and craftsman Grant Tankoos’ attention to quality and detail make these personalized steak boards, appetizer boards, serving boards, cutting boards, trophies, and accessories truly unique. Soundview Millworks maple and mahogany cutting board company is committed to ensuring you the highest level of satisfaction. To learn more about their story and why they love what they create, please feel free to check out out their press room. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact them about creating a custom design for you.




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