She will take your breath away – The Swan 90 FD

The Swan 90 marks a new era in the Swan line, designed by the Frers design team to produce a vessel that caters to both racing and cruising needs.  I can still remember when I first set my eyes upon this boat and those memories are never going to fade.

Palma de Mallorca, 11/12-10-2008 DSK PIONEER INVESTMENTS shooting (C)Photo: Carlo Borlenghi

“Just look for the tall black mast, it’s the only black mast in the marina,” said Paola Ciribilli, Nautor’s Swan communications director, referring to the Swan 90 DSK moored in St. Maarten’s Porte de Plaisance Marina. A four-spreader, black carbon rig, towering nearly 121 feet above the marina, however, was not the only descriptor that Ciribilli could have offered to explain DSK’s location. Had she said to go out on the dock-packed fender to fender with about 50 large yachts-and look for the best damn looking, sleekest sailboat in the harbor, I feel confident I would have found this latest Swan 90 in short order. The striking silver/gray hull sat like a penned bronco under the blazing Caribbean sun, surrounded by turquoise water.  The full review is located here courtesy of Yachting Magazine.


Interesting to note is that Nautor’s Swan is a brand owned by fashion icon Leonardo Ferragamo.  After Ferragamo and investors took over Finland-based Nautor’s Swan in 1998, the company has undergone a transformation, with a couple of fits and starts along the way that had some of us scratching our heads. Today, Nautor’s Swan has returned to the ideals that began with the launch of the Swan 36 in 1966, and is undertaking a whirlwind launching of new products and initiatives. In fact, during the last five years, the entire lineup has been completely updated. Swan is averaging about three new models every three years and we can expect a new 60 and 80 next year.


At anchor


An elegant place to enjoy dinner


The owner’s stateroom


Just a view from below


Full information on this spectacular boat can be found on Nautor’s Swan USA East



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