Ella Vickers’ Bags

Designer and founder Ella Vickers’ voyage to the creation of EVSC began aboard the sailing yacht Columbia, the first 12-meter vessel to win the America’s Cup. While holding down the first mate position on the yacht, she was inspired by the incredible power in the multiple sets of sails that have taken the Columbia to many victories. One off-season, when Columbia had her sails replaced, Vickers recycled the old ones into bags. Everyone wanted one, two or three! Ella Vickers, Inc. and the Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection were born.


The designer’s years of racing sailboats all over the world and sewing yacht fabric taught her about the solid construction and marine-grade components needed to create a line of bags that is eye-catching, smart and ocean-durable. The result of her talent and vision now allows Ella Vickers to not only sell bags to old friends, but to also provide gear for new friends all over the world.

Ella Vickers’ company has been creating quality marine sailcloth products since 1989. Her original company, Nauti Gear, Inc., incorporated in 2002, and then became Ella Vickers, Inc. in 2008. It continues to grow because of the meticulous attention to detail, quality components, and snazzy yet functional designs. Customers also appreciate the polite, attentive service that arises from Ella’s southern roots. The business has grown from its solid foundation of the designer/founder and a small group of seamstresses producing these specialty bags. Today, the Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection (EVSC) is sold around the world in trendy shops, nautical stores and online. Satisfied customers from Beaufort, North Carolina to Cape Town, South Africa write and email Ella with praise for the products and descriptions of new ways they’ve discovered to use the bags. It is the sailcloth line they have been waiting for. Every owner can feel the grace and power of the amazing yachts that inspired the bags. They know they carry the Spirit Of The Sail in EVSC.

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Ella Vickers’ headquarters are nestled on the North Carolina coast, where Ella began sailing as a child. Her experience includes yacht racing in the Caribbean, South Africa and the US, as well as cruising in Hawaii and the Bahamas. Working and traveling in the sailing world required her to lug gear from one regatta to the next with attractive, functional bags that can stand up to the harsh wind, salt, and spray encountered every day in the boating and coastal lifestyle. The Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection meets this challenge and expresses the charm of the coastal and boating life. The bags carry a variety of gear for long trips, day trips, and short trips across town. This beautiful and utilitarian line of nautical, sporty and stylish bags also carries a bit of Ella’s own “nauti” personality. Even though she jets and sails across and around continents, Ella has not forgotten her roots. If she is lugging one of her bags from dock to yacht, or parking lot to plane, there are still sailors and airline passengers who buy an EV Sailcloth Collection bag straight off her shoulder.



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