Introducing Easton LaChappelle – A Prosthetic Arm Engineer

The full robotic arm has 9 degrees of freedom (DOF). Each DOF allows the robotic arm to move in a different direction. V 1.0 of the robotic arm features finger control, wrist and bicep rotation, elbow articulation and shoulder flexion and extension movements. Each section of the arm is interchangeable so large amounts of DOF are possible. With interchangeable parts you can make this project as big or small as you can handle.

Almost every component can be printed on a consumer FDM 3d printer. This includes fingers, palm, forearm, elbow, bicep, shoulder, and gears. An entire arm uses about 2kg of PLA plastic.

Unlimited Tomorrow has released this to the open source community to allow everyone to create a positive impact and utilize the abilities of this device. Our hope is that all developments made from this project can go back into improving the lives of everyone who inspired our work.


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